Missed Appointments – How you can help us

Updated on 22nd March 2018 at 5:58 pm



The practice is receiving increasing amounts of feedback from patients about the length of time it takes to book a routine appointment at the surgery.   As a practice we understand the frustration that this wait can cause you.  We are constantly reviewing ways that we can improve our access and one of the things we really need your help with is cancelling appointments.

Some figures for you:

Date period Number of patients Did Not Attend GP appointment Number of patients Did Not Attend Nurse appointment Number of patients Did Not Attend HCA appointment
Jan 2018 88 33 45


Feb 2018 71 52 35



Totals for

Jan/Feb 2018









So in the last 2 months 324 (yes 324!) appointments have not been cancelled and therefore wasted.  These appointments could have been used by other patients who have been trying to secure an appointment.   We can no longer sustain this level of ‘did not attend rate’ therefore we have now have a Did Not Attend policy in place.    If you fail to cancel 3 appointments in a row you may risk your registration at the practice.

The easiest way to cancel your appointment is by SMS message – please ensure we have your up to date mobile number – we can send you an appointment reminder and you can message us to cancel.

Please remember KEEP IT or CANCEL IT!