Updated on 23rd January 2013 at 11:02 am


All patient records on file or in the computer are confidential.  In order to maintain confidentiality of laboratory and x-ray results, reports will be given only to patients themselves or to parents of minors if appropriate.

Occasionally medical students and practice-approved research workers may require access to patients’ records.  They will be required to observe the same rules of confidentiality as members of staff.  However, this will only happen if permission has been gained from the patient.  If you object to your medical records being used in this way please inform the practice manager and your notes will be marked accordingly.

In some circumstances it is necessary for us to share information about you. We will only do this if it is in your interest or the interest of public health. Whenever practical, we will remove details which identify you and will always seek your permission first.  The sharing of personal information is strictly controlled by law.