Attached Staff

Updated on 1st August 2013 at 3:58 pm


District Nurses

Our team members are all very experienced and they predominantly address the health needs of housebound patients to ensure equality of care in the home. They also have an important role in caring for patients with terminal illness and offer help and support to the patient and their families. Finally, they provide attention to dressings, injections and ear care.  The District Nurses are now working from the Oxford Centre; they have a dedicated administration team who deal with all their queries and appointments. Their contact number is 0191 2380044.

Health Visitor

The practice has 2 health visiting teams attached to the practice:  one for patients resident in North Tyneside and one for patients resident in Newcastle.  Health Visitors are professionals trained specifically to help and support parents in a child’s early years, and to monitor the growth and development of the child.  The health visitors can be contacted by telephoning the following numbers:

To contact the health visitor in North Tyneside: 0191 6432110 or 0191 6438297
To contact the health visitor in Newcastle: 0191 2826433


Angela Ritchie and Hazel Sundle are the midwives attached to the practice, providing care and advice during pregnancy and after birth. The ante-natal clinic is held every Tuesday and Thursday appointment between 1.30pm and 4.30pm.  The midwives can be contacted by telephoning reception on 0191 2662215 on this day.